Power BI

Power BI is the name of all Office 365 analysis features. The idea is that all users are able to interact with data directly, without the need of IT support when you have special needs. You make your own Dashboards and reports directly in Excel and Office 365.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a concept of effective analysis and reporting that provides you a clearer decision making and easy follow-up for the organization. Business Intelligence is really about digitally sorting, analyse and presenting relevant data.

How to optimize your business data

Just as text content has to be optimized, numbers do too. There is a great need to clear, organize and refine the flow of information. This increases the need and use of BI. BI is expected to be the technology that will have the greatest impact in business management in the coming years. With Power BI, you optimize your data and make your reports and dashboards available on all of your mobile platforms.

You can also:

  • Gather your organization’s key figures and get a complete overview of your business data
  • Gather all the reports in one place which makes it easy to share with the organization
  • Set data easily in relation to other sources
  • Update reports in real time
  • Analyse data more efficiently
  • Connect data sources (internally and externally) to Power BI to get a 360 overview
  • Get a good looking and professional presentation

Why Power BI?

There is no way to look into the future, but there are possible ways to come up with more or less relevant forecasts. Microsoft Power BI provides you a relevant decision base and creates good conditions for accurate feedback and, therefore, good conditions for a positive development of your business. The better you are at processing data and analysing what has already been, the more confident you will be to drive your business forward!
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